This Week at the Market

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Market Highlights


Our weekly Farm Market season begins on Saturday, June 3 at 9:30.

While we don’t have a set roster for that date, below is a snapshot of some of the vendors we’ve had in past years and expect back for this season.


  • Anneth Farm

    Stan and Chris are bringing eggs, blueberries, rhubarb, maybe 1 pint of cherry tomatoes, dried herbs, fresh oregano and chives, baked pies, a few potted herbs and a few bedding plants.
  • Ardmore Gardens

    Al will be bringing great greens and plants.
  • Corner Farm & Deep Cove Canning

    Tina and Ashley of CORNER FARM & DEEP COVE CANNING (preserves in every variety to tempt you, from savoury (zucchini relish) to sweet (kiwi jam), as well as seeds and starts).
  • Good Hemp Seed

    Blake from GOOD SEED HEMP (Locally grown hemp products: hearts, protein, oil).
  • Honey Beet Farm

    Heather of HONEY BEET FARM (won’t be at the March 12th market, but planting for future markets now!).
  • Island Bounty

    Chris McGrath with cherries, cabbage zucchini kale potatoes and if it heats up raspberries and blueberries.
  • North Meadow Farm

    Phillipa of NORTH MEADOW FARM (seedlings, leeks, maybe some salad greens).
  • Something Greene

    Bernadette will be bringing raspberries, strawberries, cut flowers, tomato plants and other veg. starters, some perennials, basils, garlic scapes, etc.
  • Stonefields Farm

    Kristine Letsen of STONEFIELDS FARM (March market we hope to have some micro greens, beets (over wintered), chard, maybe some carrots… that’s a huge maybe… nettles and miner’s lettuce (wild things) and dog biscuits (vegan) along with aprons, cards…).
  • Two Willows Farm

    Stephen Carroll will be bringing garlic, scapes, greens and vegetables.
  • Wray Creek Farm

    Paul and Pam of WRAY CREEK FARM (won’t be at the Mar. 12th market, but plan to make the April and May markets).


  • Flour Power

    Strawberry season is in full swing at Flour Power...with a Strawberry Muffin and a rustic French Strawberry Galette. Rhubarb is still looking good so the Rhubarb muffins and scones are still available. There are some raspberries available so you may see a Raspberry tart as well If you are looking for an easy dessert recipe pick up some strawberries or raspberries and then head over to Flour Power to pick up a lemon loaf or an orange ricotta loaf to slice up and serve with the berries and a bit of whipped cream or greek yogurt. With the wonderful selection of cheese from Moonstruck available at the community table you could serve any of them with the Cranberry crisps or the Seedy Crackers...this combination would also make a great hostess gift.
  • The Baker's Acre

    John Markham of THE BAKER’S ACRE (with loaves of bread made from hand-milled organic spelt flour, sprouted Red Fife, and Khorasan).
  • The St. John's United Church Coffee Table

    Organic Level Ground Coffee, tea, tasty little take-away treats.


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  • Dragonfly Hill Vineyard

    Merlot Cabernet, Bumbleberry, Roasted Pumpkin, Merlot Labelle.
  • Hoyne Brewing

    Dark Matter, Pillsner, Pale Ale.... check their website for their full list of great beers.
  • Symphony Vineyard

    In December Symphony Vineyard released its 2014 Pinot Noir and Foch. After a year in oak barrels these red wines are ready for pairing with some great locally produced meats and cheeses.


  • Little Acre Soap

    Elisa of LITTLE ACRE SOAP (natural, handmade soaps, deodorant, etc.)

Community Table

This Week at the Table

  • A variety of cheeses from Moonstruck Organic Cheese on Salt Spring Island.
    New variety: Blackberry Blue
    Hard, sweet cheeses: White Grace, Tomme d’or
    Creamy soft cheeses: Savoury Moon, Beddis Blue, Baby Blue, Ash-ripened Camembert
  • From Country Wools: lamb sausages and cuts
  • From the Dunics on Birch Road: veggies and flower bouquets

About the Community Table

A unique feature of our market is the Community Table, where local growers can drop off produce for the market volunteers to sell on their behalf for a 15% commission. Anyone with an excess of eggs or figs or flowers, or a bumper crop of something interesting from their gardens can drop it off before 9:00, and come back at 12:30 to pick up their proceeds and any unsold items. Contact us for details and a Growers Sales Sheet.