About North Saanich

Situated on the Northern tip of the Saanich Peninsula, the District of North Saanich is a prime food growing area, blessed with a Mediterranean climate and arable lands.

The District encompasses 1,284 hectares of land protected by the Agricultural Land Reserve (of which 59 hectares are Federally owned). In the early 1900s North Saanich was a significant agricultural contributor to the surrounding region and produced over 80% of its own food.

This number has declined to less than 20% over the past century; a decline due in large part to cheap fuel, efficient transportation networks, development pressures, and the rise of the global food economy. With climate and economic shifts there is interest amongst residents to increase access to local healthy food.

The Society

The North Saanich Food for the Future Society (NSFF) was formed in 2008 with a mandate to support and promote sustainable agriculture in the municipality of North Saanich.

The Society (NSFFS) is dedicated to supporting and promoting the creation of a local food system that is socially, economically and environmentally sustainable. You can contact us here.

Core Initiatives

  • Creation of the North Saanich Farm Market (now in its ninth year).
  • Hosting a speaker series to raise awareness and provide information on growing local.
  • Hosting food events to demonstrate the delicious possibilities of local foods.
  • Hosting workshops on how to grow and preserve food.