The next market is on Sat. July 30th  (9:30-1230)

Expect more outstanding graden bounty at the market this week, with figs and tomatoes and beautiful blueberries. It's almost time for corn, and the greens, vegetables, eggs, baking and crafts are going strong.  HOYNE BREWING will be back for the market on the 30th, and Symphony will be in their usual spot with local wines and wine preserves. The Saltspring Fruitsicle girls will be there with tasty frozen treats to cool you off. The Community Table is carrying cheeses from MOONSTRUCK ORGANIC CHEESE, which are becoming a destination purchase. We're looking forward to enjoying another new band on the 30th: the DOCTOR BONES PROJECT, and our featured artist will be DONNA JEAN.

 (Clicking on "read more" will take you straight to the list of vendors and what they're bringing this week.)

The weekly summer markets will run until October 8th (Thanksgiving).


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Becoming a Market Vendor or Volunteer

Our market is focused on supporting agriculture and food production on the Saanich Peninsula.  We`re currently looking for new growers and food vendors to serve healthy food at the market.  Read more »

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